Digital Transformation Trends in Entertainment and Media

lady in a movie theater The entertainment and media industry is proliferating in the world today. The industry has become profitable such that more developers have taken a fundamental interest in it. Technology, for example, has been used to alter the way information is communicated and consumed.

Most of the recent changes in the entertainment industry can be attributed to technology.  Established filmmakers have been losing their clients who have been looking for cheaper alternatives of making and producing movies. Let us look at some of the digital transformation trends in the entertainment industry.

Multi-User Channels

One of the digital transformation trends in the entertainment industry is the multi-user channels. With the different multi-user channels, people can watch various music and videos on their computers, televisions, smartphones, and even iPads. Videos are music produced in different formats so that they are compatible with the various platforms.


Another emerging trend in the entertainment industry is the use of the social media to increase awareness. After the release of various videos and music, many producers usually get to the social media platforms to share the content that they have released by making use of the hashtags.

This is one way that many companies have used to get their content get to as many viewers as possible. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are typically used.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has also made the entertainment and media industry to be more creative. Artificial intelligence is used to create horror movies and animations which are more engaging.

The artificial intelligence has dramatically changed the creative process. More creative and entertaining videos are being produced which has helped the entertainment and media industry to rank highly.

Curated Content

The curated content is another emerging trend in the entertainment and media industry. They borrowed this from Companies like Amazon and Netflix which has been using curated content for some time.

Clients get suggestions based on the type of programs that they have been watching and their past performances. The curated content is effectively used in creating instant audiences for the new products and shows.


camera held in position Digital transformation and advertisement have led to advertisement becoming smart. This is possible because in-depth analytics is used together with machine learning.

Newer ways of promoting products have been invented as a result. Companies can advertise their products on a smaller budget. These advertisements have customized in such a way that it reaches the intended audiences.